Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev
porcelain sculptures
разные | selected
мыши | mice
лягушки | frogs
лягушата | frogling
птицы | birds
коты | cats
дpугие | others

как это делается
об авторах
некоторые термины
связаться с авторами
если что-то разбилось
нас часто спрашивают

Dear friends!

Our sculptures are usually made based on individual orders. We can ship our artworks to any country. Shipping is free.

You may place an order. To do this, you have to send us the link to the artwork, you are interested, and describe how far different (or how far similar) should be the one you would like to get. We will then tell you the price and execution time.

Price of a figurine is determined first and foremost by its size.

The smallest figurines 5-7 cm (2-3") cost from USD 100 to USD 350. These are little froglets ($100), kittens ($200), owlets ($350), etc. Some of such orders can be performed relatively fast, within a month or two. They can be found in the following album.

Figurines of 6-15 cm (3-6") cost from $400 to $1100. This artworks are at most diverse. You can find them here.

Dragons and other prickly creatures (which seemed very popular) are mostly 12 cm (5") in size. Their price is $500-600. Larger dragons, 15 cm (6") in size, cost $900-1100, and currently we do not create the largest dragons (more than 15 cm). The prickly creatures are collected in the following album.

The largest sculptures, up to 40 cm (16") may cost up to $4500, however, figurines of such kind are processed very slowly we are not sure that we will be able to take such an order during this year.

Please, pay attention to following: because these are unique artworks created on authoring technique some differences are unavoidable while reproducing.

Regards, Anya and Slava.