Porcelain Creatures

figurines created by Hanna Stasenko and Stanislav Leontyev
about figurines

Our figurines are usually custom made.

To place an order, you must send us a link to the item that you are interested in, and describe in detail how different (or how similar) you would like the new one to be. Please note that since each figurine is one of a kind, and made using our unique technique, some differences from the original item are unavoidable.

Our art requires lots of time, energy and attention to create. Because it is a very time-consuming process, and usually we already have many orders in place, it can sometimes be difficult to provide an accurate execution time.


Hanna (Anya) Stasenko and Stanislav (Slava) Leontyev are Ukrainian graphic artists, creating notable porcelain sculptures. Hanna and Stanislav studied painting at the art school; graphic art, design and art theory at the Art Academy, but did not receive any special education in ceramics and sculpture. They consider their work to be an experiment in creating ceramics from the point of view of graphic artists.

Hanna Stasenko
We were strongly influenced by our graphic arts and theoretical background, and ancient and folk art, Ukrainian in particular.
I enjoy creating design on a three-dimensional object. I like the transformation of the painting as it is viewed from different angles. I think it is interesting when an ear or a tail sticks out of the design.
Stanislav Leontyev
I am mainly focused on modeling the form. I try to give our figurines the maximum balance and intensity of lines, which is typical for the outlines of a logo or an emblem. I am not always confident in my work as a sculptor. But I know that the flaws in my work will always be compensated by the design painted by Hanna.
Porcelain figurines are made from various types of porcelain using fine slip casting, and numerous cast and stucco parts are joined together.
The modeling technique used by Stanislav allows to give each figurine its individual character, while the painting created by Anna is done completely by hand and is always unique.
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